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Intelligent wireline formation testing platform

Digital hardware
Laboratory-accuracy downhole metrology
Intelligent planning
All data—integrated and updated—to optimize acquisition
Operations control
Wellsite automation leveraging edge technologies
Contextual insights
Interactive real-time visualization in reservoir context

Experience your reservoir like never before

Ora intelligent wireline formation testing platform leverages new architecture and metrology for unprecedented performance in dynamic reservoir characterization in all conditions, including reservoirs where it was previously not possible. The new hardware is complemented by an innovative digital infrastructure that puts you in control of data acquisition and provides actionable insights for real-time decision making.

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The Ora platform is a 2020 World Oil New Horizons Idea Award Finalist, 2020 OTC Spotlight Winner, and 2020 ONS Innovation Award Finalist.
Intelligent wireline formation testing platform
Repsol Confirms Reserves in Unconsolidated Sands Offshore Mexico Using Intelligent Wireline Formation Testing Platform
Ora platform enables sampling and deep transient testing in poorly consolidated heavy oil sands to prove productivity and delineate viscous gradient
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Rely on unparalleled performance, in all wellbore and reservoir conditions

Your reservoir evaluation revolution begins with the Ora platform’s digital hardware. Rated to 200 degC and 35,000 psi with dual-flowline architecture and featuring smart downhole automation, the platform represents a new benchmark in wireline formation testing capability. It performs reliably and effectively in all conditions, including tight or unconsolidated formations and challenging fluids.

Wideband downhole pumps precisely govern the broad dynamic range with automated flow management and 0.05- to 108-bbl/d capability.

The focused radial probe accesses a large flow area to quickly acquire the cleanest fluids, with contamination below laboratory detection limits.

The dual-flowline fluid analyzer quantifies fluid properties with laboratory-accuracy metrology options customized for your objectives:

  • Dual-flowline spectrometry
  • Calibrated resistivity
  • High-accuracy density
  • Full-spectrum viscosity
  • Highest-accuracy and -resolution pressure gauge.
Ora Platform Digital Hardware
Intelligent wireline formation testing platform

Feel the pulse of your reservoir, with hardware that is live and on the grid, delivering measurements for immediate integration into your model.

View the Ora platform focused radial probe with augmented reality on iOS devices.

Ora augmented reality demonstration.
0.03 mD
Lowest permeability
Lowest contamination
7,500 psi
Highest differential pressure
182 degC
Highest temperature
See how Talos Energy updated the reservoir model in real time to support connected reserves
The Ora platform quickly guided the determination to absolute certainty with clean samples obtained in 2 hours each at three stations.
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Start with your objectives to get the data you need

To get the right data, wireline formation testing must begin with simulating your objectives in relation to asset performance:

  • Hydrocarbon in place
  • Connectivity
  • Deliverability
  • Flow assurance

Starting with this intelligent planning approach, hardware, data acquisition, and the data integration plan are optimized to ensure you get the maximum performance and value from your operation. You’ll see farther into the reservoir, confirm reserves sooner, maximize your production, expedite your completion strategy, and get a head start on your field development plan and facilities design.

Ora platform reservoir evaluation

“The new platform helped us test, find gas condensate reserves, and collect samples for PVT analysis in our most important land discovery in Mexico of the last 25 years. Tests were conducted in submillidarcy heterogeneous carbonate formation at reservoir temperature above 175 degC.“

— Victor Navedo, Lead Reservoir Engineer, Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex)

Learn how Pemex proved its most important land discovery in 25 years
The Ora platform’s flow manager manages pump rates to obtain flow in permeability as low as 0.03 mD.
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Conduct deep transient testing early, on wireline

The Ora platform’s dual-inlet packer system, high flow rate, and active hydrocarbon circulation bring deep transient testing to wireline. The pump’s capacity of more than 100 bbl/d and the ability to circulate fluids to surface ensure well control while you are getting the information you need to confirm zonal deliverability or hydrocarbon in place or derisk a well test with an agile solution that does not require flaring or disposal of fluids at surface.

wireline deep transient testing
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