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Eliminate methane and flaring emissions

Decarbonize operations by addressing large sources of greenhouse gases

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Choose the best solution to effectively reduce your methane and flaring footprint

Methane and flaring emissions make up the largest and most visible sources of greenhouse gases (GHGs) from oil and gas operations today. A growing number of technologies and approaches are available that can eliminate or reduce these emissions while simultaneously making good use of fluids that would otherwise be lost. The challenge is knowing where to start your footprint reduction journey.

Eliminate methane emissions and flaring

Start with a plan. And partner you can trust.

We work with our customers to address methane emissions and eliminate or reduce both routine and nonroutine flaring in their operations. We partner with you to understand your goals and help you meet them with our end-to-end emissions solutions and Transition Technologies™ that quantifiably reduce emissions and environmental impact.

Fixing the fixable

The energy industry faces a dual challenge of reducing emissions and meeting global energy demand. Wiping out methane emissions is one of the biggest, easiest, and most rapid action we can take in the near term to hold down global temperatures. Eliminating or reducing flaring achieves both goals by freeing up energy that would otherwise be burned. Where flaring is unavoidable, we work to maximize combustion efficiency and minimize CO2e emissions.

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Routine flaring—the emissions we can see

By wiping out routine flaring, we can significantly reduce GHGs quickly.

Venting and fugitive emissions—the methane we can’t see

Over 20 years, methane has 84x the global warming potential compared to CO2. Addressing methane leaks, both intentional and unintentional, represents a huge opportunity to quickly reduce global warming impact of oil and gas operations.

Nonroutine flaring—other options exist

Eliminate flaring at the source and monetize the produced hydrocarbon instead.

Gas to what?—finding commercially viable alternatives

Instead of flaring excess natural gas, why not just use it? A whole range of "gas-to-value" technologies means we can cut GHGs while making sure associated natural gas is put to good use—and turned into value—by converting it into power, liquids, chemicals, and even cryptocurrency.

Plan, measure, and act with SLB End-to-end Emissions Solutions

Managing methane emissions and routine flaring can be overwhelming with the flood of emerging technologies and reporting requirements. With a bespoke digital platform, unique measurement and simulation capabilities and unparalleled domain knowledge, our SLB End-to-end Emissions solutions experts can help you every step of the way in making your methane and flaring mission possible.


Explore Transition Technologies for methane and flaring emissions

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The technologies featured on this page are part of our Transition Technologies portfolio. Explore how these differentiated products and services support oil and gas decarbonization across the E&P value chain.

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