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Retrievable bridge plug

SIMultra over a reservoir background

Reliably set, seal, and retract on slickline

The SIMultra retrievable bridge plug delivers both proven sealing integrity and dependable retrievability, even in challenging downhole conditions. Fully certified to ISO 14310:2008 (API Spec 11D1) grade V0 and quality grade Q1, the SIMultra plug incorporates a unique proprietary hybrid metal-elastomer seal that provides a full metal contact.

Available for industry-standard tubulars ranging from 4½ to 7 in, the SIMultra plug is performance rated to 350 degF, 10,000 psi, and full sour service capability to readily meet the extremes of today’s energy production, including HPHT and gas wells. Bidirectional high-expansion and high-load slips ensure secure setting at any well deviation with deployment compatible with slickline and all conventional conveyance methods.

SIMultra tool in perspective
The fully featured SIMultra retrievable bridge plug provides high-reliability isolation performance and retrievability.

Proven sealing integrity for the most challenging conditions: ISO 14310:2008 (API Spec 11D1) grade V0 and quality grade Q1.

Retrievable bridge plug
Close-up image of the SIMultra retrievable bridge plug’s hybrid metal-elastomer sealing element.
SIMultra plug’s hybrid metal-elastomer seal is unique to the industry, just like the reliability it brings to plug setting, performance, and retrieval.

Eliminate adverse elastomer effects

Avoiding reliance solely on elastomer elements in the seal gives SIMultra retrievable bridge plugs not only the largest running clearance in their class but also the capability to retract to 110% of the original diameter.

The unique hybrid metal-elastomer seal prevents permanent elastomer setting and decompression—and their adverse effects on plug retrieval—while providing the integrity of full metal contact.