Retrievable bridge plug

Comparison of SIMextra retrievable bridge plug in unset mode and set mode.

Simple set-and-retrieve, full-expansion well plug for temporary well plugging

The SIMextra™ retrievable bridge plug is a gas-tight, full-expansion plug for temporary well plugging. Through its unique sealing element and barrel slip design, the SIMextra plug enables trouble-free conveyance, reliable retrieval every time, and an expansion range not previously achievable with conventional sealing technology. Based on patented segmented-ring technology, the seal and slips design enables setting the SIMextra plug anywhere in the completion where a V0-rated barrier is needed, without requiring a nipple profile.

SIMextra Retrievable Bridge Plug
The SIMextra retrievable bridge plug is a gas-tight, full-expansion plug for temporary well plugging anywhere in the completion using any conveyance method.
  • Gas-tight barrier isolation
  • Water or gas shutoff
  • Temporary zonal isolation
  • Assured retrieval using patented segmented-ring technology energized by concealed positive-retraction mechanism for reliable slips and seal retraction every time
  • Full-expansion sealing technology for superior running clearance
  • Flexible deployment via conventional plug-setting tools using any conveyance method

The SIMextra plug can be set using any conventional setting tool and any conveyance method available. The full-circumferential-contact slips achieve high anchoring force with significantly reduced tubing stress in comparison with conventional designs. As a result, the plug is well suited for applications with high differential pressure or thin-walled tubing. The plug’s segmented-ring sealing element expands without undergoing any elastic or plastic deformation, raising the individual sealing elements to the tubing and creating a full-expansion debris- and damage-tolerant seal. During retrieval, the sealing element’s positive retraction mechanism pulls the individual seal segments away from the tubing and against the tool chassis, where they nest tightly at less than the gauge diameter for conveyance out of the well. The low-profile, low-stress elastomer design also eliminates potential retrieval issues with gas decompression and permanent setting. With an integrated junk catcher, the SIMextra plug offers simple, single-run equalization and retrieval and incorporates a mechanical fail-safe that prevents slips retraction before equalization is initiated.

rendering of simextra tool in set and unset positions
Top: SIMextra plug in unset mode (collapsed). Bottom: SIMextra plug in set mode (self-centralized, anchored, and expanded).