Polymer-locked wireline cable

StreamLINE hero image showing wireline cable

StreamLINE polymer-locked wireline cable effectively addresses the challenges posed by the use of conventional wireline cable in intervention, workover, and completion operations in all environments. Grease injection, armor stranding, birdcaging, corrosion, and twisting that triggers maintenance trips are virtually eliminated. The result is significant efficiency gains with reduced operational and well control risks and maintenance-related logistics and cost.

Integrated cable and dual-packoff system

StreamLINE cable is torque balanced and provided as a system with an integrated dual packoff and specially designed sealed torpedo, ensuring complete immunity from well fluids such as gas entering the cable.

Optimal cable for multiple applications

  • Usable for pipe recovery operations accessing 10,000-m [33,000-ft] wells.
  • Compatible with pumpdown operations in unconventional reservoirs, which has demonstrated significant increases in stage yield.
StreamLINE cable cutaway showing the individual cable strands.