Tech Talk: How to Reliably Access Your Wells

Published: 03/09/2022

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How to Reliably Access Your Wells
Improve production performance with lower cost using advanced-engineered, reinvented cables

Good day, everyone. I'm Carl, manufacturing manager for cables. I’m at the Houston Conveyance Center, and today, I’m going to take you on our conveyance journey. Nearly a century ago, the Schlumberger brothers acquired the first-ever downhole resistivity log using self-supporting conductors bundled in friction tape. Wireline was born, transforming our industry.

We understand that conveyance is much more than just a piece of conductor to convey some sensors. This is what enables rich data acquisition to better understand your reservoir and powered intervention, so you can enhance your production with lower cost. That’s why we have been continuously reinventing our own conveyances, so you can reliably access your wells and achieve your well objectives safer and faster. We've addressed limitations of conventional wireline cables such as

  • the safe working load, downhole power delivery, and telemetry bandwidth for reservoir evaluation operations
  • stranded armor issues, complex deep wells, hostile downhole environments, and high-power tractored toolstrings for intervention operations.

In this facility, we've invented and manufactured our patented polymer-locked cables, such as:

This is also where we package our wireline fiber-optic cable and manufacture the award-winning ACTive Power CT real-time powered downhole measurements system. Contact us to learn more about our conveyance systems, or visit us in sunny Texas!

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