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Hi-Ex Gauge Hanger

High-expansion through-tubing tool

Hi-Ex Gauge Hanger slim high-expansion gauge hanger tool

Hi-Ex Gauge Hanger™ high-expansion through-tubing tool deploys data acquisition devices on slickline and can be used as an anchor to provide a platform for or suspend other equipment in through-tubing applications.

The high-expansion mechanism enables using the Hi-Ex Gauge Hanger tool in a wide range of tubing and casing sizes. The tool comes with a standard lower connection 15/16-in-10 UN sucker rod with other options available to suit requirements. The tool can be run on most industry-standard setting tools including nonexplosive slim e-Setting tool and is recoverable with industry-standard pulling tools.

  • Deployment of downhole gauges for reservoir monitoring
  • Versatile anchor and tubing stop
Hi-Ex Gauge Hanger slim high-expansion gauge hanger tool in running and anchor modes
The Hi-Ex Gauge Hanger high-expansion through-tubing tool features a low-profile, slim design that maximizes the flow area and enables through-tubing deployment