Slickline flow control solutions

Dependable, proven well barrier and isolation technologies

Zonal isolation to fit your well environment

Reliable flow control depends on the quality of the sealing elements in the downhole equipment that is used to isolate one zone from another. The fluid type, well temperature, and pressure must all be considered—alongside well completion, regulatory requirements, and retrievability—when selecting the appropriate tools and equipment to deploy on slickline, wireline, tractor, coiled tubing, or drillpipe.

To address these challenges, SLB provides the SIM™ sealing integrity management system, which includes mechanically set retrievable bridge plugs, permanent plugs, and straddles that are simple and reliable. The SIM system is complemented by a set of Peak Family™ flow control and well intervention tools that are regularly deployed as part of the downhole assembly.

SIM plugs include a wide range of slickline-conveyed and recoverable devices for effective flow control. These plugs and the tools for installing them are extensively qualified to different grades and can be used to provide a well barrier anywhere in the tubing, without the need for a nipple profile.


Simple, reliable slickline-deployed tools for a wide range of applications

Adaptable SIM plugs work well for many different applications, including

  • Plug and abandonment
  • Well suspension
  • Water and gas shutoff
  • Drilling operation collision barriers 
  • Wellhead isolation
  • Zonal isolation for water shutoff
  • Zonal isolation to prevent crossflow or commingling
  • Packer setting and tubing testing during completions
  • Tubing integrity testing
  • Permanent zonal isolation

The simple design of SIM plugs ensures they can be easily and quickly redressed in remote locations without the need for specialist tools.

Retrievable and permanent plugs and packers

Retrievable bridge plug

Retrievable bridge plug

Retrievable bridge plug

Retrievable bridge plug

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