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Technical Challenges

Environments where our technology, experience, and commitment to service excellence are helping meet the demands of the future

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The energy industry is changing, and our vision is to define and drive high performance sustainably. Our industry will significantly benefit from increased performance across the E&P landscape, especially in technically complex environments, such as deep water, mature and aging fields, and unconventional reservoirs.

To make the next leap in performance that you need to deliver energy in today’s competitive environment, we are developing and using digital solutions, robust hardware, and leading-edge software that will achieve performance not previously possible across the E&P industry.

What follow are key industry challenges where our technology, experience, and commitment to service excellence are helping meet the demands of the future.

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Technical Challenges

  • carbonate, carbonate reservoirs, pipes, reservoir
    Highly heterogeneous reservoirs difficult to characterize

    Better understand rock, fluid, and flow properties that affect productivity. View link button arrow

  • deepwater, rig
    Deepwater Operations
    Complex environment that pushes all boundaries

    Enhance prospect definition, well construction, and production. View link button arrow

  • Enhanced oil recovery, heavy oil
    Enhanced Oil Recovery
    Improved recovery factors and accelerated associated production

    Ensure successful long-term recovery with screening, projects, and full-field implementation. View link button arrow

  • Geothermal plant.
    Geothermal Services
    Enhanced project efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability

    Improve geothermal projects with a full spectrum of technology and services backed by decades of expertise. View link button arrow

  • heavy oil
    Heavy Oil
    Cutting-edge recovery techniques and alternative methods

    Explore new ways of economically and safely exploiting heavy resources. View link button arrow

  • Unconventional
    Knowledge for increased efficiency

    Optimize well landing, fracturing, and production to maximize recovery at less time and cost per barrel. View link button arrow