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Fracturing computer-aided treatment system

Frac fleets on rigsite location using FracCAT fracturing computer-aided treatment system.

Monitor, record and control fracture stimulation treatments in real time

The FracCAT-X fracturing computer-aided treatment system is the next-generation stimulation job execution software for monitoring, controlling, recording, and reporting all types of fracturing treatments. Its real-time displays, plots, and wellbore animations present a clear picture of the treatment as it occurs, providing decision makers with detailed job information.

FracCAT-X system helps ensure that the treatment is delivered precisely as designed while supporting multistage, high-efficiency operations.

Schlumberger worker using FracCAT fracturing computer-aided treatment system while looking at monitors on rigsite.

Flexibility, performance, and versatility across multiple applications

Fracturing, refracturing, and acidizing operations
Land and offshore stimulation treatments
Split stream operations
Proppant step and proppant ramp designs
Multistage and single-stage completion design