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Time-Lapse Seismic Processing QC

Early identification of monitor survey acquisition problems

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The initial QC is a critical step in time-lapse seismic processing that provides us with insight into potential acquisition problems that need to be addressed while processing your data. Our process is standardized and automated to ensure replicable results for monitor surveys every time.

Initial QC checks

Our QCs improve the efficiency with which the processing workflow is tested and parameterized. Additionally, the QCs demonstrate why particular time-lapse seismic processing algorithms were selected. In the initial QC, we check for

  • acquisition parameters
  • source variability
  • receiver variability
  • navigation data quality
  • field data quality
  • field data coverage
  • accuracy of survey repetition.
standardized and automated workflow
Initial QC checks follow a standardized and automated workflow to ensure replicable results for each survey vintage.
standardized and automated workflow

Using specialized QC algorithms early in the processing flow, we quickly identify issues and design corrections to minimize processing turnaround time.

Comprehensive 4D QC
Comprehensive 4D QC encompasses RMS amplitude, phase rotation, predictability, time-variant time shift, and more to validate the 4D difference at each processing step.
Comprehensive 4D QC

Detailed validation of each processing step

A comprehensive 4D QC is performed after each major processing step, in which the entirety of each survey is stacked and analyzed via a suite of 4D QC attributes and visual inspection of 4D difference seismic data. We consistently present this highly automated process in a standard manner throughout the project, enabling detailed validation of the processing step without delay.