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Time-saving snap ring wellhead system

Hero place saver

The TS-S time-saving snap ring wellhead system is a single-stage wellhead system designed to accommodate running the casing head through a diverter. The bowl in the housing (5,000 and 10,000) is the IC conventional wellhead system bowl into which the mandrel hanger of the TS-S system mandrel hanger is landed. The mandrel hanger is sealed and locked into the housing with the system packoff using an inward bias lock ring. Slip hangers are available for contingency and emergency situations.

Max. pressure rating: 10,000 psi [68.9 MPa]
Temperature range: –50 to 250 degF [–46 to 121 degC]
Available size: 11 in
Cross section illustration of the TS-S wellhead

Enhance drilling efficiency and wellsite safety

Internal locking mechanisms mitigate exposure to working under a heavy load or in a confined space. The absence of external lock screws and unnecessary penetrations for locking in casing strings also eliminates associated leak paths and HSE concerns.

The TS-S time-saving snap ring wellhead system uses a spin-on flange, reducing its overall cross section. It can be run through a rotary table or riser diverter system to land out on a load ring located in the conductor. A spin-on API bolt prep flange is then installed for conventional makeup, eliminating the need for a special tubing head or a tree adapter.