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Floating LNG pretreatment solution

Premax Floating LNG
premax floating LNG industry article

Shining the Light

Ankur Jariwala, Gas Process Domain Expert, presents a compact and energy-efficient pretreatment option for FLNG projects.

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Enable greater LNG production and storage capacity with a compact footprint

The compact and energy-efficient PREMAX floating LNG (FLNG) pretreatment solution lowers the temperature of natural gas streams going to the liquefaction section, reducing the energy requirements for the gas liquefaction process. 

The PREMAX solution comprises process modules that are field-proven both onshore and offshore.


  • Up to 15% energy savings
  • Small footprint
  • High operating flexibility to accommodate changes in throughput
  • Ability to handle condensing hydrocarbon while reducing H2S and CO2
  • H2S volume concentrations as low as 10–9 and mercury levels in nanograms achievable by removing impurities from natural and associated gas
  • Global aftermarket services