Mechanical refrigeration unit


Effective dewpoint control

The NATCO MRU mechanical refrigeration unit comprises a refrigeration chiller, cold separator, glycol regeneration system, and integrated condensate stabilizer. It cools the inlet gas stream and provides a stable condensate product. Overall performance is dictated by the composition of the gas stream, inlet and outlet pressures, and inlet temperature.

Higher liquid recovery

The units provide hydrocarbon dewpoint control for applications where autorefrigeration is not practical. Most mechanical refrigeration units are designed for a process temperature of –10 degF [–23 degC]. To increase recovery of marketable liquid hydrocarbons and hence revenue, NATCO MRU units operate at –20 degF [–29 degC].

The units provide both hydrocarbon and water dewpoint control, so upstream dehydration equipment is not required.

Gas-to-liquid exchanger
Gas-to-liquid exchanger.

Optimized and flexible designs

  • Effective hydrocarbon dewpoint control across a wide range of process conditions
  • Suitable for treatment of both lean and rich gas streams
  • No requirement for upstream dehydration
  • Customizable refrigeration type and cooling for different inlet gas temperatures, pressures, and compositions
  • Available in standard sizes for gas volumes from 250 to 50,000 Mcf/d