Single-stage gas scrubber

Water separation
PORTA-TEST WHIRLYSCRUB V gas scrubber with oversized liquid chamber.

Solids and liquid removal from gases with moderate amounts of liquids

The PORTA-TEST WHIRLYSCRUB V single-stage gas scrubber is a compact, single-stage, reversed-flow gas scrubber, capable of providing excellent solids and liquid removal with a removal efficiency of 99.9% down to 10 um.

It can be used as a production separator, inlet scrubber, or device to mitigate production stream inlet momentum ahead of a horizontal production separator. It is designed for low-liquid gas wells and installed to reduce liquid carryover as a stand-alone unit, combination unit, or retrofit to existing combination units. The compact, lightweight, vertical scrubber is ideally suited for separation processes involving moderate amounts of liquid (<500 bbl/MMcf).


  • Incorporated monotube cyclone with a recycle mechanism reduces liquid carryover, and when installed upstream of a compressor, improves compressor run time.
  • High g-forces generated within the unit eliminate foam, thereby reducing chemical consumption.
  • Compact design reduces space and weight requirements.
  • Increased liquid removal creates more gas capacity in the pipeline.

Remove solids and liquids using centrifugal force

In the PORTA-TEST WHIRLYSCRUB V gas scrubber, primary separation takes place as gas enters through a tangential nozzle, creating centrifugal force and forcing the heavier liquid particles to the vessel wall. This liquid drains to the stilled chamber in the bottom of the vessel.

Next, secondary separation occurs as the spinning gas converges at the center of the separator and enters the vortex finder tube.

Inside the tube, the gas spins at a higher velocity and forces any remaining entrained liquid to the tube wall. This liquid is swept upward toward the gas outlet. Prior to exiting the vessel, the liquid and a 10% sidestream of gas are drawn through a small gap in the vortex finder tube and returned to the primary separation section. The low-pressure area in the primary separation section created by the spinning gas provides the necessary differential pressure driving force.

PORTA-TEST WHIRLYSCRUB V gas scrubber process
PORTA-TEST WHIRLYSCRUB V gas scrubber process.