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Oilfield Water Treatment Solutions

Rapidly debottleneck produced water processing systems for upcycling, reinjection, or disposal

Our oilfield water treatment solutions enable rapid competent treatment and processing of produced water or flowback water for frac reuse and recycling, reinjection for pressure maintenance and EOR, salt water disposal or overboard discharge. We employ mobile treatment units for land operations and skidded equipment to support offshore installations with a minimal footprint.
Oilfield Water Treatment Solutions
Frac-grade water—rapidly delivered

Significantly reduce water costs

For land fracturing operations, reduce your need to access and produce from freshwater aquifers or the expense and hassle of trucking in water supplies. Meet your outlet water quality KPIs with self-contained, trailer-based, modular processing equipment that allows for plug-and-play reconfiguration for efficient treatment of your water depending on inlet contaminants.

In the offshore environment, reduce oil-in-water and suspended solids contaminants using skidded units to debottleneck produced water facilities and enable reinjection for enhanced oil recovery and reservoir pressure maintenance. When reinjection is not an option, enable permitted overboard discharge to reduce production turn down and eliminate storage, transport, and disposal costs.

Schlumberger worker testing equipment at a processing facility.
Voraxial cyclonic separator

Remove solids earlier to reduce risks

Separating solids from liquids as close to the wellhead as possible reduces pipeline and asset erosion risks and, ultimately, unplanned costs due to loss of asset integrity. Maximize pipeline throughput and time between saltwater disposal well cleanouts while reducing trucking costs by eliminating solids from water. With suspended and other solids removed, the produced and flowback water does not contribute to the accumulation of slurry and cake on the bottom of pits and tanks that require costly cleaning.

Rapidly remediate water tanks, pits and ponds

Water storage facilities and infrastructure must meet regulatory requirements. Rapidly remediate your water facilities by applying the Voraxial impeller-induced cyclonic separator to quickly remove oil, solids, and bacteria buildup. UV and oxidation treatments are then used to effectively neutralize microbes and destroy residual polymers if any are left over from frac flowback.

In addition to recycling produced water for use as frac water or reinjection for waterflood EOR, we can apply oilfield water treatment solutions to improve the quality of water destined for disposal. Removing oil that can be sold, solids, and biological matter can improve the lifespan and injectivity of saltwater disposal wells by reducing the need for well cleanouts and costly matrix stimulations. Similarly, the additional oil recovered improves overall operation expenses for disposal well operators.

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