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Offshore slop water treatment system

ENVIROUNIT offshore slop water treatment system

Portable systems for treating drilling wastes offshore

Conventional slop water treatment methods involve shipping waste to shore for treatment and disposal. This process increases exposure to HSE risks and can still cost thousands of dollars per cubic meter of slop. Shipping to shore also requires thorough cleaning of the vessel tanks after offloading, which adds to costs and the overall volume of waste.

The ENVIROUNIT offshore slop water treatment system provides a rig-based, compact, and modular solution for treating and recycling slop water. The proprietary four-step treatment process reduces overall waste volume by more than 95% while simplifying logistics and saving considerable time and costs over conventional methods.

ENVIROUNIT system benefits

  • Reduces offshore drilling waste stream by up to 95%
  • Minimizes transportation requirements
  • Recycles and enables reuse of oil- and synthetic-based drilling fluids
  • Lowers landfill disposal requirements and liabilities
  • Minimizes personnel requirements
  • Enables complete waste-stream traceability
  • Reduces supply-boat downtime for tank cleaning after slop water transport and eliminates waste production from cleaning
ENVIROUNIT offshore slop water treatment system
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Support United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with Impact-Reducing Solutions

Just as we take a science-based approach for our own internal goals, we use the same methodical thinking for determining the impact quantification of our technology.

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Results of ENVIROUNIT system processing 16,500 m3 of slop water.
Offshore slop water treatment system