SILVER BAND Oil and Solids Separator | SLB


Separator for treatment of suspended solids and oil residue

WEMCO Silver Band separator installed

Reduce costs with a simpler design

The WEMCO® SILVER BAND separator is a high-performance, downflow media filter. It typically can remove 98% of suspended solids and insoluble hydrocarbons in most applications. Using an exclusive fluidization process that strips oil and contaminants from the media, the SILVER BAND separator eliminates the need for gas and oil scouring, surfactants, and high volumes of backwash water. With a smaller footprint and smaller and fewer filters than comparable separators, it reduces system and operating costs. 

Our filter system design and proprietary filter media provide efficient bulk separation of oil and solid contaminants from liquid streams. In the SILVER BAND separator, a stainless steel media support screen is situated on supports near the bottom of the vessel. A fluidization nozzle located in the top center of the filter extends down to the top of the media. Inside of the fluidization nozzle is the stainless steel scrubber screen, which allows dirty fluid to exit the vessel while retaining the media.

WEMCO Silver Band separator installed
The SILVER BAND separator has a simple, automatic design for decreased system costs.