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Removal of suspended solids from seawater


Save time, space, and expenses

Seawater can be used as an input for a variety of oil and gas activities. This includes use during production as well as for other offshore needs, such as firefighting. In most cases, seawater must be treated before it can be used, particularly if it is to be used subsurface. Untreated seawater can react with reservoir chemistry, leading to restricted pipes and equipment, increased costs for mitigation, downtime, or formation compromise. Because of the mineral content and potential for carrying organisms, seawater must be filtered before it can be routed into additional equipment for other processes.

Our seawater filtration systems can target a variety of solids sizes with several shared design elements: reduced opex, less operator intervention, and compact packaging that offers process design flexibility.

We can customize a seawater filtration process for your reservoir. In addition to reservoir requirements, the process equipment used in a seawater treatment system can dictate the necessary level of suspended solids removal. We provide filtration systems that can deliver different levels of solids removal to meet specific operational, utility, and space and weight requirements.

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