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Dissolved Solids Removal

Mitigate scaling, souring, and other downhole issues

Dissolved solids removal

Maximize production while minimizing scale or hydrogen sulfide

Seawater injection is a method of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) proven to maintain or boost production in various applications. However, the dissolved components in seawater are not always compatible with the ionic composition of the formation water. If not properly treated prior to injection, seawater can introduce barium and strontium salts that can react with formation water, and sulfate can react with seawater. Both can cause scale that negatively impacts production.

And in the presence of sulfate-consuming bacteria in the formation, sulfates introduced with seawater can produce caustic hydrogen sulfide (H2S). In addition to being dangerous, H2S erodes production equipment and can eventually lead to downtime or failures.

Schlumberger provides reverse osmosis and sulfate removal solutions that can treat seawater to make it suitable for injection into your formation, maintaining or increasing production and the lifetime of your project.

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