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Advanced Regenerative Water Treatment Media

Processing and separation solution

Advanced regenerative water treatment media
Advanced Regenerative Water Treatment Media

95% single-pass efficiency without chemicals

Advanced regenerative water treatment media is a proprietary, backwashable media used for produced water, oily wastewater streams, and process water. Coated with a patented polymer, the media economically removes oils and suspended solids down to 5 um with 95% single-pass effectiveness and without the use of chemicals.

This media can function as a primary or secondary treatment option for oil and solids removal. Influent water quality, discharge requirements, and the end use of the treated water dictate the treatment system design.

Process and cost savings

For chemical enhanced oil recovery (CEOR) applications, polymer- and chemical-laden water that has been treated with regenerative water treatment media can be recycled for reuse in the injection field and, in the case of polymer, with no viscosity loss across the system. Little if any of the the water-soluble enhanced oil recovery (EOR) products are caught while the media removes oils and solids. In thermal EOR, trapping the oil and solids before sending the produced water to a softener generates process and cost savings.


Expanding the EOR Envelope

Chemical-free water treatment process retains polymers to boost return on investment in production-enhancing flooding.

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Simple backwashing process

Advanced regenerative water treatment media is used in conventional deep-bedded media filter vessels and the oil it traps is recovered through typical backwash techniques. The backwash removes contaminants by reversing the flow direction and fluidizing the packed bed, loosening the media and releasing both solids and oil droplets from the media.

When the proprietary regenerative water treatment media is backwashed, the effluent is typically captured in a static separation vessel. Free oil and solids are easily decanted from the surface for disposal or recovery. The remaining supernatant is used to backwash the filters during the next backwash cycle. Backwash is either manual or automatic depending on the system deployed.

Myclex Re-Gen
MYCLEX RE-GEN media vessel.