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Enhanced Oil Recovery Technologies

Separation solutions for tertiary oil and gas recovery

Operator examining injection fluids.

Treat and recover injected fluids used in EOR operations

As more operators choose to use EOR methods—such as COinjection and polymer flooding—for hydrocarbon production, the treatment and recovery of the injected fluids has become a priority for the industry.

Our integrated portfolio of EOR technologies incorporates advanced separation solutions that maximize the efficiency of your processing operations. These technologies and services address numerous challenges, such as those associated with CO2 recovery and polymer preservation without the destruction of hydrocarbons. For example, we provide industry-leading membrane technologies for COseparation and an innovative polymer water treatment that removes oil and oily solids down to unprecedented levels.

Overhead view of processing facility
Workers remotely monitoring a processing facility.

Improve recovery with steps to full-field EOR projects.

Begin EOR at the early planning stages with our "concept-to-field-trial" roadmap that boosts production faster. We mobilize remaining oil to reach the surface with solutions from all disciplines of the E&P value chain—from reservoir characterization to artificial lift.

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