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Hydraulically induced gas flotation system

WEMCO ISF produced water installed

The WEMCO® ISF hydraulically induced gas flotation system is a leading technology for environmentally preferred treatment of secondary produced waters. The system is a simple, hydraulically operated gas flotation machine that delivers efficient oil-water separation with complete process containment. Effective oil recovery and water treatment are achieved simply and economically, and the completely enclosed flotation process helps protect operator and environmental safety.

Units are available in either the standard horizontal four-cell unit or the UNICEL Vertical IGF unit design, which is well suited for locations where space restrictions require a small footprint.

Streamlined for simple, efficient operation and maintenance, each ISF system consists of a cylindrical vessel partitioned into several major components: floating, degassing, and optional skim storage compartments; a recirculation pump and piping; and a liquid level control system. All equipment is skid mounted for rapid installation and startup.

WEMCO ISF produced water installed
The Schlumberger WEMCO ISF unit is a compact, lightweight solution for removing oil and suspended solids from produced water and wastewater.
Individual units for flow rates from 380 to 20,670 m3/d [2,400 to 130,000 bbl/d]
Separation efficiency up to 95%

Efficient separation—even at full design capacity

At many installations, the WEMCO ISF system achieves effluent oil concentration in the range of 5–10 ppm. Our ISF cells are designed to provide 90% or greater oil removal and 80% or greater removal of nonoil solids at full design capacity. In contrast, conventional hydraulic flotation systems typically experience performance degradation at only 40% of design capacity.