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Advanced Media Polisher

Oil-in-water polishing filter

Advanced media polisher

Achieve discharge levels under 1 ppm, even at high flow rates

Our advanced media polishers provide enhanced standby protection against upset conditions and underperformance of conventional upstream treatment equipment. The polisher filter consists of a simple cartridge filtration system with a patented thin-film polymer, surface-specific for hydrocarbons, deposited on filter fibers.

These filters provide a higher flow capacity and smaller footprint than conventional tertiary treatment technology. They are used at many sites across the oil and gas industry for final treatment of water before discharge to offshore, nearshore, or inland bodies of water.

Advanced Media Polisher Oil-In-Water Polishing Filter

Selective polishing compatible with CEOR that still treats droplets down to <1 um

The advanced media polisher also removes oil in the presences of water-soluble polymers used in chemical enhanced oil recovery (CEOR) while still treating down to a droplet size that ensures no hydrocarbon sheen from the overboard discharge of produced water.

Removes free, dispersed, and emulsified oil down to <1-um droplet size
Occupies a small footprint in comparison with conventional technologies
Treats emulsions without the use of chemicals
Advanced media polisher Oil-In-Water Polishing Filter
This customized advanced media polisher includes an oil-water separator, advanced media regenerative media, and filters.

Instant polishing with thin-film coated media filtration

The polishing media removes oil and grease without desorption and with minimal to no saturation with water. Advanced media polishing filters are normally used to target oil droplets smaller than upstream equipment can handle (typically less than 10 um in diameter) with high efficiency.

Water passes through a standard series of three skid-mounted vessels housing consumable cartridge filters. Sized according to desired flow rate, each vessel can hold up to 210 filters that are 40 in long and have a diameter of 2.5 in. As the process stream passes through each vessel, oil droplets contact the filter surface and are instantly and permanently removed from the stream.