Remote Monitoring & Control

Automatically assure the lowest possible oil-in-water discharges


Reduce manual intervention and increase simplicity and reliability

Conventional produced water treatment processes and equipment are manual. Process tuning relies on laboratory oil-in-water (OIW) analysis, visual inspection at various sample points, and manual valve settings. This approach is time consuming and introduces many opportunities for error in even the simplest produced water treatment process.

Our real-time remote monitoring and control systems for produced water employ automated routines to eliminate the inherent drawbacks of manual tuning and operation. Compact flotation unit (CFU) processes are continually optimized, delivering quicker response and the reduction of common manual tuning errors.

Produced Water Remote Monitoring and Control
Produced Water Treatment Remote Monitoring and Control

Optimize produced water treatment performance with real-time monitoring and advanced control algorithms

Integrated surveillance systems provide extensive and continuous CFU technology monitoring that offers a more detailed and holistic diagnostic picture of the treatment process than manual observations and laboratory samples. A separate programmable logic controller (PLC) placed on the skid contains the advanced control algorithms that automate and optimize the operation of CFU technology.