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Integrated Water Solutions

Resilient solutions engineered for dynamic water challenges

Life, agriculture, infrastructure, and energy exploration are underpinned by a resilient and sustainable water cycle. Water solutions must be inherently flexible to meet a project or population’s dynamic water demand and safeguard continuity.

Schlumberger has long been at the forefront of oil and gas subsurface innovation and surface facility engineering. Our unsurpassed blend of technologies and experience is key to delivering resilient source-to-disposal water solutions. Applicable far beyond the oil field, Schlumberger optimizes water resources, lowers costs, and reduces risk.

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Agricultural Water Solutions

Agricultural water solutions

Every agribusiness needs a dynamic and sustainable water strategy that balances its production and commercial imperatives with environmental and social responsibilities. By delivering resilient and sustainable solutions, we enable agricultural businesses to meet the changing demands of population and industry.

We help you plan for specialized livestock holding or large-scale crop plantation, sustain plants and animals during dry seasons, and combat flooding while safeguarding water supplies from pollution and depletion. This enables you to scale up and sustain vital operations for future food security.

Municipal water solutions

Population shifts call for the reassessment and rebalancing of crucial resources, with water high on the priority list. Sustainable water resources must be sourced, accessed, and replenished with the wider environmental impact front of mind.

We work with institutions and stakeholders around the globe to secure water where it matters. We engineer resilient solutions for the successful exploration, development, management, and long-term protection of strategic municipal water resources. Our teams have extensive experience with international sanitation projects as well as management of water for economic and social development.

Water supply solutions

  • River basin and watershed management
  • Groundwater management
  • Well field design, implementation, and rehabilitation

Aquifer water supply solutions

  • Aquifer storage and recovery
  • Coastal zone aquifer management solutions

Water disposal solutions

  • Water injection

Urban water monitoring and assessment solutions

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Flood risk management
Municipal Water Solutions
Industrial Water Solutions

Infrastructure water solutions

Schlumberger delivers integrated and resilient water solutions designed to meet industrial requirements and process parameters. We help organizations meet stringent regulations, protect uptime, control water-related costs, reduce waste, and minimize liabilities. With extensive experience ranging from construction sites to sporting venues, we also help infrastructure customers with critical water and environmental issues.

Infrastructure water solutions

  • Resource evaluation
  • Water and injection well drilling
  • Systems engineering
  • Monitoring
  • Environmental compliance
Oil and Gas Water Solutions

Oil & gas water solutions

Sustain cost-efficient operations

Oilfield operations require high volumes of water for a range of surface and downhole applications, accounting for a significant proportion of field development costs. Optimal oilfield water management requires knowledge of reservoir characteristics, production volumes, hydrogeology, engineering design, and environmental considerations. Schlumberger has a deep understanding of the subsurface, combined with the unrivaled engineering experience necessary to address the technical aspects of oil and gas water challenges.

From profiling water-bearing subsurface strata to the design of wastewater treatment and injection systems, Schlumberger offers resilient water solutions to enable water to be sourced, processed, and disposed of in ways that safeguard local reserves and control project costs. We help operators meet the continuous needs of surface and downhole supply for oilfield applications. Schlumberger delivers continuity and compliant handling for low-impact, interruption-free operations.

Secure local operational water

Schlumberger is uniquely positioned to help operators eliminate the delay and expense of bulk water transport, especially in remote and hard-to-access locations. Using existing subsurface data, we can identify viable water sources that meet operational and camp supply needs. We also offer the drilling, engineering, monitoring, and production management capabilities to commission a new water source.

Safeguard continuous operations

Wherever you operate, we can help you ensure continuity by making high volumes of localized water available on demand for all your surface and downhole applications. We also process and treat local water onsite to prepare it for oilfield use, ensuring your operational strategies keep pace with any variance in supply and minimizing potential downtime.

Utilize any water source

With systems to bring water up to a predefined standard, operators are free to utilize any available input water source, including flowback or produced water from previous hydraulic fracturing jobs or nearby sources such as brackish groundwater or seawater. Our approach mitigates the economic and environmental burdens of freshwater sourcing, transportation, and treatment and the disposal of produced water.

Optimize water asset use

Produced water can be an operational asset rather than a liability. Our treatments remove suspended solids and oil from large volumes of produced water and enable efficient oil/water separation and containment. These treated water assets can be reused in oilfield operations or recycled for industrial or agricultural applications. Alternatively, treated water can be safely returned to existing aquifers or freshwater sources with confidence, while liquid waste can be disposed responsibly via deep injection wells.

Ensure responsible compliance

Industrial bodies and national and local governments trust us to provide expert advice on water-related environmental and regulatory issues. Our hydrogeologists, engineers, and geochemists perform a wide range of environmental services, including site investigations, studies, and assessments and design remedial actions to deal with wastewater compliantly and cost effectively. Our approach aims to reduce the loading on biological systems while ensuring treated wastewater meets all discharge or reuse requirements.

Resilient Water Solutions
Engineered for dynamic water challenges
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