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Mechanical cement slurry defoamer

Cement texture

Improve slurry quality with environmental compliance

Defoaming slurries in the face of strict environmental regulations proves challenging with the use of chemical antifoaming fluids. SlurryAirSeparator mechanical cement slurry defoamer replaces chemical antifoaming fluids to enhance mixing effectiveness and improve slurry quality while minimizing environmental impact.

The SlurryAirSeparator defoamer uses the hydrocyclone principle to separate entrained air from the cement slurry during the mixing process. By mechanically removing entrained air in the cement slurry, the system eliminates foaming problems and decreases the risk of pump cavitation problems. Cement mixing is improved, and the cement job experiences better density control and optimized mixing rates.

Photo of the SlurryAirSeparator tool installed and a cutaway diagram showing the flowpath and critical components of the tool
The SlurryAirSeparator defoamer requires no power supply and has no moving parts, making it easy to install and maintain.


  • Operations in environmentally sensitive areas
  • Conventional and high-solids fraction cementing systems


  • Minimizes environmental impact
  • Enhances mixing effectiveness
  • Improves slurry quality and rheologic properties
  • Elimination of chemical antifoaming fluids