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Fire Detection Monitoring

Accelerated, reliable, and versatile solutions for fire detection

Schlumberger dual-integrity systems use fiber-optic technology to combine speed of detection, dependability, and versatility into proven fire detection solutions.

Detection systems are ideal for use in railway tunnels, which are often in remote locations that require reliable, robust surveillance systems.

Our systems are immune to electromagnetic interference, ensuring optimal operation on electrified lines.

Other applications include

  • oil and gas installations
  • metro stations and tunnels
  • road, rail, and utility tunnels
  • airports and warehouses
  • buildings and computer rooms.

Reliable performance in harsh arenas

Schlumberger cable solutions ensure quick response time and long life. They have a proven track record in harsh environments, even under continuous exposure to mechanical and chemical attack. High-temperature sensors are available to ensure the most effective fire progression monitoring.

Expert collaboration

Schlumberger can advise on the right combination of fast-responding sensor cables and control units to maximize overall system performance.

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