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Horizontal Surface Pumps

Powerful and low-maintenance, plug-and-play design for multistage centrifugal pumps

Up to 6,650 psi [45,850 kPa] with multistage stack-up and housing pressure containment
From 40 to 1,850 galUS/min [218 to 10,084 m3/d] in standard configuration
Up to 2,500 hp [1,864 kW] in a single unit
API 610-specification-compliant features

Increase pumping efficiency and reduce costs

Pump more efficiently with the REDA HPS G3 horizontal multistage surface pumping system—a cost-effective alternative to conventional industrial pumps. Designed using ARZ abrasion-resistant zirconium for high-wear-resistant bearings, the pumping system effectively handles harsh conditions, as well as surface installations.

Simplify maintenance

The REDA HPS G3 pumping system requires no daily maintenance. The modular housing of assembly pumps and flexible plug-and-play design allow simple, quick reconfiguration of pumps and motors, significantly minimizing downtime. All major components can be exchanged within 2 to 3 hours compared with days or weeks for a split case pump.


Maximize production and reduce operating costs with components that improve system efficiency and reliability.


Reliable control of ESP and HPS installations

Power, protect, and control electric submersible pumps and horizontal pumping systems.


Efficient monitoring of artificial lift performance

Monitor downhole performance with diagnostics and analytics needed to protect your pumping system.

Optimizing Artificial Lift

Software and services for optimal lift production

Overcome production challenges with offerings designed to maximize flow for your specific environment and well condition.

ESP Pumps

ESP pumping efficiency that lowers the cost of ownership

Enhance pumping efficiency with pumps that perform in conventional, unconventional, and abrasive environments.

Request Horizontal Pump Design

Input your pumping parameters and receive an initial system design to help determine whether the REDA HPS G3 system is your best option.

Input parameters and request design

Trust in 70 years of field-proven history

Designed for years of trouble-free service, the REDA HPS G3 system provides a smooth performance that extends equipment life and greatly reduces the change of leakage from associated piping.

The REDA HPS G3 pumping system is our third-generation horizontal multistage centrifugal pump system. The pump is used in a range of applications across the globe, dating back to the 1940s. There are now more than 3,500 REDA HPS systems installed and in operation worldwide. With customer input, we continuously work to expand the use of REDA HPS pumping systems in multiple upstream and midstream field applications.

The modular design of the REDA HPS G3 pumping system provides rapid change-out capabilities of system components.
Horizontal multistage surface pumping system
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