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Integrated completions services

Providing best-in-class unconventional completion services for North America land, OneStim was formed as a continuation of Schlumberger’s experience in evolving low-volume, discrete, and decentralized projects into high-volume, high-efficiency, and highly integrated operations.

By integrating not only hydraulic fracturing and pumpdown perforating (PDP) but also other Schlumberger services (multistage completions, sand mining, and logistics) through one centralized management structure, OneStim brings systematic efficiency and consistent stimulation effectiveness to any unconventional play.

Projects are coordinated at one location, with real-time data guiding logistical decisions to streamline operations. In addition, the OneStim maintenance facility monitors equipment 24/7 to anticipate failure and schedule preventive maintenance, ensuring minimal downtime on the job site.

Schlumberger worker using FracCAT fracturing computer-aided treatment system while looking at monitors on rigsite.

OneStim can provide simple solutions or a whole spectrum of services. Our strength is in our ability to adapt to your needs.

Technology and Services

Choose the services you need to squeeze the full value from your unconventional wells.

Pumpdown Perforating

Expect more efficient wireline perforating operations, more stages per day, and less NPT.

The Efficient Way to Minimize Detrimental Frac Hits

Abandon the cookie-cutter approach to restore efficiency, economics, and effectiveness to unconventional developments.

Oilfield Water Treatment Solutions

Rapidly debottleneck produced water processing systems for upcycling, reinjection, or disposal.

We streamline the completion-to-production cycle by eliminating the bottlenecks of traditional well completion workflows, saving you money and consistently delivering every well according to plan.

Improve efficiency with centralized operation planning

Improve efficiency with centralized operational planning

We manage every detail of your project in a state-of-the-art facility that uses digital solutions, including mobile logistics tracking, to improve service efficiency, reduce risks, and improve productivity. Real-time data sent through the cloud helps coordinate people, products, and equipment to ensure every job is as efficient as possible. Integrating more services increases efficiency, but even individual services are more efficient with central planning.

Reduce downtime with real-time maintenance

Well-maintained equipment gives us the agility to quickly respond to your needs. We arrive at your job site with the most reliable equipment and continually monitor its performance. The equipment performance data is transmitted to a central monitoring center, where domain experts can analyze the data and alert field personnel to perform preventive maintenance when needed. This proactive approach prevents untimely equipment failures and reduces downtime, improving efficiency on your jobs.

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