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OneStim Services and Technology

Discrete services and fully integrated multistage stimulation projects

From discrete services to fully integrated and multistage stimulation projects, we deliver the efficiency and quality you need to squeeze the full value from your unconventional wells.

HP Pressure Pumping Capacity
Savings per boe
stages in 48 hours
plugs milled in a single trip
equipment monitoring

You’ll see the most efficiency improvement from a comprehensive OneStim program, but even our individual services will save you time and hassle.

Hydraulic fracturing—Maximize your stages per day

With optimal pressure pumping systems, proppants, fluids, engineering designs, and lean workflows, we streamline your completion-to-production cycle. Our centralized resource management coordinates operations, maintenance, and logistics to ensure service quality and efficiency.

With access to industry-leading Schlumberger technology and domain experts, you get more stimulation stages per day and maximum production from each well.

Hydraulic fracturing—maximize your stages per day
Pumpdown perforating—optimize your reservoir connection

Pumpdown perforating—Optimize your reservoir connection

Efficient pumpdown perforating provides the flexibility to optimize your reservoir connectivity by applying lessons learned from previous stages—a best practice for heterogeneous unconventional reservoirs.

Our proprietary technology minimizes misruns by limiting onsite assembly requirements. And our charges create more consistent entrance holes than conventional perforating charges, making them optimal for fracturing in horizontal wells.

Multistage completion—Isolate intervals and mill rapidly

You need frac plugs to isolate intervals for effective reservoir stimulation, but the faster you get rid of them after the job, the sooner you start seeing your production.

We offer a wide array of efficient multistage completion options, from the industry’s shortest frac plugs designed to isolate for stimulation and then mill into tiny pieces for easy removal, to fully degradable plugs that need no milling.

Multistage completion—isolate intervals and mill rapidly
Sand mines and logistics—choose sand to suit your conditions

Sand mines and logistics—Choose sand to suit your conditions

Whether you need maximum quality to suit harsh downhole conditions or maximum value to meet economic conditions, we efficiently deliver the right sand to meet your stimulation needs.

We select our proppant sources based on the quality of their sand, and we expedite delivery to the wellsite through an efficient network of transloading facilities with rail and trucking options.

Technology You Trust

Maximize returns over the long term with state-of-the-art OneStim technology that takes your wells to the next stage.


Cement-conveyed frac performance technology

Improve multistage fracturing efficiency by limiting stage-to-stage communication behind the casing.


Reservoir-centric stimulation-to-production software

Integrate complex reservoir and engineering data to simulate and optimize completion and fracture stimulation designs.

BroadBand Sequence

Fracturing service

Fracture every cluster within a limited-entry interval to maximize reservoir contact and oil and gas production.

BroadBand Shield

Fracture-geometry control service

Minimize the risk of frac hits on neighboring wells or fracturing into undesirable zones while increasing fracture complexity.

WellWatcher Stim

Stimulation monitoring service

Improve fracturing and acidizing effectiveness by confirming downhole events in near-real time.

Engineered Fracturing Fluids

Technology to optimize BroadBand services

Effectively stimulate the well regardless of water quality, proppant volume, or location constraints.

FracXion Micro

Fully composite frac plug

Accelerate time to production with rapid millout and minimal debris size—including hollow metal button slips that minimize metal content.

ReacXion Complete

Fully dissolvable frac plug

Eliminate milling with a robust frac plug that isolates reliably and then dissolves rapidly to enable fullbore production.

Fractal Flex

Multistage stimulation perforating system

Significantly improve safety, reliability, and efficiency. Enhance charge selection flexibility.

Stimulation-Optimized Shape Charges

S2906, S3106, and S3406

Achieve consistently large perforation entrance holes across the wellbore with this family of S-charges.

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