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Saltel Xpandable AZIP

Annular zonal isolation packer

Rated up to 10,000 psi [69 MPa]
Rated to 302 degF [150 degC]
Validated to API Spec 190H V1

Isolate zones rapidly, even in irregular boreholes

Minimize costs and NPT with the Saltel Xpandable AZIP annular zonal isolation packer, which rapidly isolate zones, even in oval, out-of-gauge, and irregular boreholes.

This packer uses proprietary expandable stainless steel technology and a patented thin layer of bonded elastomer to achieve zonal isolation during production and injection, even through thermal cycling and temperature fluctuations.

Saltel Xpandable AZIP annular zonal isolation packer

Set the packer immediately with on-demand expansion

The packer is made up to a casing string that is run into the open or cased hole. Once in position, pressure is applied by pumping from surface to expand the packer. The pressure is transmitted through the expansion port to the packer’s integral stainless steel sleeve. The sleeve expands into the annulus between the casing and borehole or outer casing string, conforming to the shape of the wellbore or casing and isolating the annulus below the packer from the annulus above.  

Robust construction withstands reciprocation and rotation, enabling the packer to pass through doglegs and tight spots.

Optimize performance for a range of applications

Different models of the packer are available. In the 0-0 model, the expansion port is located in the middle of the packer and features a valve system. If the packer is expanded in front of a severe washout, the valve closes, preventing fluid loss.

The 1-0 and 0-1 models feature an expansion and pressure compensation valve at the top (1-0) or bottom (0-1) end that permanently closes the expansion port and establishes casing integrity once the packer is set and a predetermined pressure is reached. The valve also serves as a safety feature in the event of washouts. Closing the expansion port immediately establishes fluid communication and pressure balance between the annulus at the valve end of the packer and the space inside the expanded steel sleeve. Balancing these pressures enables the packer to withstand higher annulus pressures at that end, providing high sealing capacity and excellent resistance to thermal cycling. The packer model selected depends on whether high pressure is expected above or below the packer.

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