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Accelerating climate action for hard to abate industries

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Helping hard to abate sectors decarbonize and scale new energy systems.

Meet your climate commitments. Drive new value.

Decarbonizing industry is a huge challenge. All emissions across your business need to be tracked, understood and mitigated.

The Digital Sustainability Platform simplifies this challenge, whilst enabling you to extract new value from your decarbonization pathway. It is a highly secure, scalable SaaS platform with embedded AI, designed for the particular challenges of heavy industry.

We help you make your best move on your climate action journey.

Deliver your organizational climate action plan in three steps


Accurately measure, report, and verify your organization's emissions to set an accurate baseline of its carbon footprint and track the progress of your decarbonization programs.

  • Emissions inventory – convert estimates to actuals.

  • Insights at your fingertips – from enterprise to facility, and even product level.

  • A real-time view of your reports.

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Create a decarbonization strategy built on data, not assumptions.

  • All the information you need to create detailed climate-action plans.

  • Understand your abatement options and make informed decisions.

  • Define constraints and optimize your pathway to achieve your goals.

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Digital CCUS


Deliver on your organization's decarbonization plan and track progress.

  • Act on your plan, and continually improve.

  • Access a wide range of new energy and climate action technologies and solutions.

  • Drive decarbonization with end-to-end digital Carbon Capture Utilization & Sequestration (CCUS).

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#MakeYourBestMove on your climate action journey

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Digital Sustainability Platform

Measure your emissions. Accurately, consistently & transparently.

Plan your best path to a more sustainable future

Act to decarbonize and scale new energy systems

A collection of featured resources for sustainability and decarbonization topics

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