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Dual ESP Systems

Improve performance of high-asset-value wells

Subsea equipment

Expertise in complex completions

Dual electrical submersible pump (ESP) lift systems enable cost-effective production in applications where rig availability may be at a premium and where the cost of workover impacts the overall profitability of the well. Dual ESP systems can be used in series to double the horsepower in a well, or they can be used in parallel to produce independent zones. The systems can also function as an in-well backup system to reduce downtime and lost or deferred production while mobilizing workover equipment.

ESP pod systems

Our custom-designed systems encapsulate and protect ESPs in a sealed and isolated environment. Pod systems are used to isolate and produce multiple zones, configure two ESP systems in series for greater lift, or isolate and protect the casing from harsh wellbore fluids.

Schlumberger has completed more than 80 systems in offshore, deepwater, subsea, and mining applications. The success of these custom-designed systems provides a solution to previously cost-prohibitive ESP completions.

Dual esp lift field