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Electric Submersible Pump Systems

Engineered solutions that maximize production in all environments

ESP Systems

Optimize production potential with fit-for-purpose ESPs

Our comprehensive suite of electric submersible pump (ESP) systems optimizes production through unparalleled technology and global expertise. We offer fit-for-purpose ESP solutions that meet conventional, unconventional, high-temperature, and deepwater conditions.

Increase run life in any oilfield application

The REDA Maximus ESP system is our standard ESP engineered for conventional, unconventional, and shallow-water conditions to improve run life. Its modular design provides operational and economic flexibility to suit any oilfield application.

Extend lifetime in extreme temperatures

The REDA Hotline high-temperature ESP system provides high performance in extreme and variable well conditions. The systems are designed to perform in heavy oil, gassy wells, and other extreme-heat environments—with a design rated up to 482-degF [250-degC] bottomhole and fluid temperature.

Enhance reliability in challenging environments

The MaxForte high-reliability ESP system maximizes run life in deep offshore and subsea wells with industry-leading technology and stringent quality and inspection processes. It is designed to improve uptime with real-time monitoring to capture changes in well performance.

Maximize production in common well conditions

The TPS-Line electric submersible pump system is a Russia-compliant ESP system that uses selected technologies from the REDA Maximus ESP system to maximize production in conventional reservoirs while adhering to Russian production standards.

ESP Systems

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