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AGH Gas Handling

Maximize production in gassy well environments with reliable and efficient gas handling devices. Our gas handling solutions for electrical submersible pump (ESP) operations include

  • centrifugal devices for gassy wells with up to 45% gas volume fractions (GVF) at low intake pressures
  • axial flow systems for ultrahigh-gas-cut wells with GVF up to 75%.

Gas handling for wells with up to 45% GVF

The AGH advanced gas-handling device is specifically designed for gassy environments with up to 45% GVF at low intake pressures. Where wells are too gassy for dynamic gas separators, the AGH device functions by reducing the vapor bubble size and changing the gas-bubble distribution, homogenizing the gas-liquid mixture before entering the pump. It can be installed alone or in tandem with a rotary separator.

Gas handling for wells with up to 75% GVF

For wells with extremely high percentages of free gas, the MGH multiphase gas-handling system is designed to extend the life of the ESP, provide better slug handling in horizontal wells, and increase reserves recovery. The MGH system can be used individually or in tandem with a gas separator to vent gas into the casing, or it can be installed with a standard intake if the produced gas must travel through the pump.

Multiphase Gas Handling
75% gas volume fraction at the intake

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