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Y-Tool & Bypass System

Enable reservoir access below ESP and installation of dual ESPs

Subsea equipment

Expertise in complex completions

The Y-tool and bypass system provides access to the reservoir below the ESP, enabling stimulation, logging, and other interventions with wireline or CT without the need to retrieve the completion. It also provides a method to configure more than one ESP in a well to accomplish production goals.

The Y-tool is installed on the production tubing, providing two separate conduits. One conduit is concentric with the production tubing and enables access to the reservoir below the ESP. The second conduit is offset and used to support the ESP system.

Auto Y-Tool subsurface automatic diverter system

The Auto Y-Tool system is an addition to the ESP bypass product range. Consisting of a spring-loaded diverter valve that seals off the bypass tubing whenever the pump is running, the system saves time in wireline and CT operations, typically reducing the number of runs by two for any given well intervention.

The system is automatically closed by the flow produced by the downhole pump. However, the diverter can be locked in the open position to enable logging while the pump is running.

Switching between an upper and lower ESP also does not require an intervention. Simply stopping one ESP and starting the other will cause the diverter to switch positions, allowing production from the selected ESP while eliminating fluid recirculation.

Y-tool and bypass system installation options
Multiple installation options enable cost-effective production.