Low-oil/water-ratio completion systems

PrimoPAC invert-emulsion gravel-pack carrier fluid

Drill and complete openhole intervals

PRIMO systems are a suite of low-oil/water-ratio fluid systems designed to help drill and complete openhole intervals entirely in an oil-based environment.

PRIMO-FAZE low-oil/water-ratio reversible nonaqueous reservoir drill-in fluid system

The PRIMO-FAZE low-oil/water-ratio reversible nonaqueous reservoir drill-in fluid system provides better production rates, environmental acceptability, reduced waste generation, and easy cleanup to preserve the integrity of the reservoir. For use in high-pressure formations, the fluid is compatible with a variety of high-density internal-phase brines to increase density.

PRIMO-SCREEN low-oil/water-ratio screen running system

In applications that require minimal completion-compatible solids, the PRIMO-SCREEN low-oil/water-ratio screen running system can use mixtures ranging from 50:50 to 20:80 brine/oil ratio—and even up to 10:90 in extreme cases—to reach the required density. Depending on the application, this fluid can also accept properly-sized bridging agents.

PRIMO-SWELL oil-swellable-packer activation system

When drilling with a water-based drill-in fluid and the well completion plan requires oil-swellable packers, the PRIMO-SWELL oil-swellable-packer activation system enables precise, predictable packer swelling. When required, the PRIMO-VIS viscosifier can be used in the PRIMO-SWELL system to suspend ultra-fine weighting agents.

PrimoPAC invert-emulsion gravel-pack carrier fluid

The PrimoPAC invert-emulsion gravel-pack carrier fluid minimizes risks when transitioning from a synthetic- or oil-based drill-in fluid to a brine-base carrier fluid and spacer for openhole gravel-pack (OHGP) completions. This unique fluid enables the wellbore to remain oil-wet throughout the completion phase, avoiding issues such as shale instability, dispersion, and crossfluid compatibility.

Lab worker testing fluids
Low-oil/water-ratio reversible nonaqueous reservoir drill-in fluid system

Enhance system performance with additives


PRIMO-SURF low-oil/water-ratio invert-emulsion system primary emulsifier

The PRIMO-SURF emulsifier is used in stable, high-internal-phase (>40%) invert-emulsion fluids. It is used in PrimoPAC fluid where the oil/water ratio ranges between 60:40 and 45:55. Additionally, PRIMO-SURF emulsifier is a primary emulsifier in the PRIMO-SCREEN system and solids-free invert-emulsion screen-running fluids.

PRIMO-MUL low-oil/water-ratio reservoir drill-in fluid emulsifier

In low oil-water ratio reversible fluids such as the PRIMO-FAZE system and the FAZEPRO reversible invert-emulsion reservoir drill-in fluid system, the PRIMO-MUL emulsifier facilitates a stable emulsion while maintaining the fluid's reversible characteristics.

PRIMO-VIS oil-swellable-packer activation fluid viscosifier

A viscosifier for oil-base fluids, the PRIMO-VIS viscosifier is used in the PRIMO-SWELL system. The PRIMO-VIS fluid creates rheological properties required for the PRIMO-SWELL system to efficiently displace and suspend completion-compatible, density-generating solids.

An internal-phase brine of calcium chloride and calcium bromide was used at an oil/brine ratio of 60:40.