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Invert-emulsion gravel-pack carrier fluid

PrimoPAC invert-emulsion gravel-pack carrier fluid
PrimoPAC fluid is used for optimal OHGP integrity.

Enable a stable, reusable solution for openhole gravel-pack completion challenges

The innovative PrimoPAC fluid from M-I SWACO mitigates risks when transitioning from a synthetic- or oil-base drill-in fluid to a brine-base carrier fluid and spacer for openhole gravel-pack (OHGP) completions in reactive shales. This unique fluid helps prevent crossfluid compatibility issues and eliminates shale stability and dispersion issues, resulting in less rig time, lower fluid costs, and preserved assets.

Operate in horizontal, deviated, or vertical wells

When applied as a high-rate gravel pack, PrimoPAC fluid is ideally suited for any horizontal, deviated, or vertical well drilled with synthetic- or oil-based mud and completed with an openhole gravel pack.

The uniquely engineered fluid delivers Newtonian-fluid rheology properties that promote settling of proppant during gravel packing. The fluid maintains low viscosity at up to 300 degF [149 degC] bottomhole static temperature and 13.3 ppg [1.6 sg].

Simplify displacement for high-angle long-reach wells

A simplified displacement allows you to remain in a nonreactive oil-base environment from the drilling phase through completions. PrimoPAC fluid accommodates alpha and beta gravel packing in high-angle, long-reach wells in the open hole, where it promotes fast proppant settling and successful alpha wave placement.