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Spiral-phased capsule gun perforating system

Perforating charges

The PowerSpiral system (available in 1 11/16-in, 2 1/8-in, and 2 1/2-in sizes) is a retrievable capsule perforating gun designed for through-tubing wireline operations. This system offers a technological breakthrough with a shock-absorbing material located between the charges. This material attenuates shock waves during the detonation, which reduces charge-to-charge interference, as well as minimizes shock waves in the wellbore. This is significant because it increases the performance of shots across the wellbore. With features like multiple phasing, high shot densities, and the utilization of the PowerJet deep penetrating shaped charges, the PowerSpiral system generates perforations capable of the highest well productivity in its size.


  • Shaped charges leverage the deep penetrating technology of PowerJet charges.
  • New charge design facilitates faster loading of the detonating cord.
  • Rugged, low-profile strip enables shot verification and easy retrievability.
  • Energy-absorbing material virtually disappears after the gun detonates.
Power Spiral Retrievable Enerjet