Integrated borehole enlargement system

Two Schlumberger workers guiding a Rhino integrated borehole enlargement system downhole.

The rugged, precision-engineered Rhino integrated borehole enlargement system comprises a family of hydraulically actuated reamers that save rig time and bring production online faster. Rhino system reamers deliver high-quality, concentric boreholes for close-tolerance and expandable casing programs. They improve drilling performance by enhancing wellbore quality and reducing the number of trips to underream while drilling.

Rhino system reamers are customizable to suit any specific underreaming need, including a variety of activation systems and cutting structure options, to achieve operation objectives.


Rhino system cutting structures are customizable to the operational requirements of the formation. As part of the design process, we simulate the behavior of the bit, the underreamer, and each component of the BHA and drillstring to reduce harmful downhole dynamics.

Dual-underreamer Rhino systems facilitate the rathole elimination operation by enlarging the borehole to the top of the directional tool or the bit in one run. A passive near-bit reamer is activated at TD, and the rathole is enlarged while drilling to avoid adding extra time to well construction. This eliminates the need for a dedicated rathole cleanout run, which can add 24 hours or more of drilling time.

Rhino integrated borehole enlargement system.
Rhino XS reamer—ball-drop activation for single-trip borehole enlargement (left), Rhino XS2 reamer—ball-drop activation and deactivation for high-quality hole cleaning at TD (middle), Rhino XC reamer—hydraulic actuation for on-demand wellbore enlargement (right).

Custom-designed for challenging environments

Field proven with more than 8,500 runs and 13 million feet reamed worldwide as of April 2019, Rhino system reamers can be customized for a variety of challenging applications, including

  • deepwater environments
  • extended-reach-drilling (ERD) wells
  • loosely consolidated formations
  • highly abrasive formations
  • swelling and mobile formations
  • interbedded formations.


Cutter blocks.

Cutter Blocks: 3D Innovations for the Best Performance

From the AxeBlock torque-reducing ridged diamond element cutter block to stabilizer blocks, our industry-leading family of cutter blocks combine the best cutters with a dynamically stable design for the best performance in a variety of formations—all in a variety of BHA configurations.

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Rhino integrated borehole enlargement system combinations: A) Single-reamer BHA, B) Dual-reamer BHA, C) Rhino RHE system BHA, and D) Rhino RHE system BHA plus.

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