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Wellsite mass spectrometer gas analyzer

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Real-time semiquantitative formation fluid analysis and evaluation

The portable and fully automatic DQ1000 wellsite mass spectrometer analyzes a range of petroleum species and other organic and inorganic compounds. The DQ1000 analyzer delineates petroleum type, water saturation, fluid contacts, and seals to a much greater extent than with conventional instrumentation.


  • Detects C1–C10 organic species and inorganic compounds
  • Generates a complete mass spectrum at each depth for chemical fingerprinting
  • LAN satellite and Internet enabled
  • Dual- or single-port gas stream analysis
  • Adjustable measurement cycle time
  • Easily field-deployable on all rigs
  • Compatible with oil-base and water-base mud systems
  • No field calibration needed

Dimensions: 26 in × 7 1/2 in × 15 in
Weight: 51 lbm
Power source: 85–264 VAC (3.0–1.5 amp), 47–63 Hz
Cycle time: 100 s
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The DQ1000 analyzer uses direct quadrupole mass spectrometry to ionize, isolate, and detect conventional C1–C5 hydrocarbons, monitor C6–C10 hydrocarbons, and distinguish the three major classes of volatile organic species (alkanes, cycloalkanes, and aromatics). The analyzer produces all of these outputs without the need for chromatographic preseparation.