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Fluid loss control additive

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FLO-PLEX PLUS additive is a polysaccharide derivative used to control filtration in the DRILPLEX AR PLUS system.

Traditional fluid-loss-control additives tend to destroy the elevated low-end rheology that makes mixed-metal oxide systems unique. FLO-PLEX PLUS additive was specifically developed to remedy this.

It is particularly suited for application in the DRILPLEX AR PLUS system that uses potassium salts for increased inhibition of formation clays and shales. FLO-PLEX PLUS additive will provide fluid loss control with minimal effect on rheology up to 275 degF [135 degC].


  • Tolerant to electrolytes
  • Positive synergy with GELPLEX agent to stabilize the rheology of the DRILPLEX AR PLUS system
  • Enhanced low-shear rheology when used with xanthan gum polymer
  • Resistant to attack from bacteria
  • Stable to 275 degF [135 degC] without thermal extension additives
  • Effective in seawater fluids if hardness is treated out before the additive is introduced
Typical Physical Properties
Typical Physical Properties Physical appearance
Typical Physical Properties White powder
Typical Physical Properties Bulk density
Typical Physical Properties 38 to 50 lb/ft3 [610 to 800 kg/m3]
Typical Physical Properties pH
Typical Physical Properties 10.5 to 11.5
Typical Physical Properties Solubility in water
Typical Physical Properties Dispersible