DRILPLEX AR PLUS System Solves Lost Circulation Problems While Drilling Two Upper Intervals, Russia

Published: 02/03/2017

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Chart showing information about a well drilled using the DRILPLEX AR PLUS system
In the pilot project well in which 10 previously drilled wells exhibited lost circulation, the well drilled using the DRILPLEX AR PLUS system showed no lost circulation problems while drilling the upper intervals. Using the system resulted in a 25% reduction in the average drilling time.
Russia, Europe

Eastern Siberia

Number of project pilot wells

Number of wells drilled previously

Interval drilled
Conductor and surface casing

Interval length
1,926 ft [587 m]


An operator experienced chronic partial to total lost circulation while drilling the conductor and surface casing intervals for multiple eastern Siberian wells. M-I SWACO suggested changing the drilling fluid system from the spud mud used previously to the DRILPLEX AR PLUS anionic-tolerant water-base drilling fluid system to address the challenging drilling conditions.

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