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Encapsulating shale inhibitor

UltraDrill lubricating drill bit as it carves through rock
M-I SWACO employee in orange PPE looking at vial with liquid inside.

ULTRACAP encapsulating shale inhibitor provides minimal viscosity contribution and can enhance filtration properties. Due to the low molecular weight of this polymer, the mixing process requires less shear than polymers with higher molecular weights. The resulting fluid passes through fine shaker screens without blinding.

How it works

ULTRACAP inhibitor provides excellent cuttings encapsulation by adsorbing onto the clay surfaces and forming a protective film that prevents cuttings from sticking to each other or to the shaker screens. This inhibitor limits dilution rates and low-gravity solids loading by preventing clay solids from dispersing into the mud system.


It is used in ULTRADRIL high-performance water-based drilling fluid system based on fresh- and saline-water environments but should not be used in calcium brines.

Typical Physical Properties
Physical appearance
Solid white flakes
White powder
2.5 to 6.0 (0.05% solution)
~6.0 (0.1% solution)
Typical concentrations
1.5 to 3.0 lb/bbl [4.28 to 8.56 kg/m3]
0.5 to 4 lb/bbl [1.43 to 11.41 kg/m3]
Premix concentrations
<4 to 5 lb/bbl [11.4 to 14.3 kg/m3]
<4 to 5 lb/bbl [11.4 to 14.3 kg/m3]