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Xplorer Kaldera

High-temperature seals

Xplorer Kaldera seals.

Achieve your drilling objectives—no matter the environment

SLB engineers put more than a century of drilling expertise and experience into every Xplorer™ premium roller cone drill bit. As a result, Xplorer bits provide a range of options to help achieve your drilling objectives, no matter the depth or formation. Premium cutting structures and high-temperature materials such as the Xplorer Kaldera™ high-temperature seals mean these geothermal application-specific bits maximize performance and durability.

High-temperature applications

Geothermal wells endure high operating temperatures (HT) that can exceed 260 degC [500 degF]. Such extreme heat adversely affects conventional bit bearing systems causing seals to fail and lubricants to break down. This quickly erodes bearing functionality that leads to a premature loss of bit durability, shortens interval runs, and increases bit trips—all of which increase drilling costs.

Xplorer Kaldera seals use a proprietary composite that has higher thermal stability, increased strength, and have greater wear resistance. Additionally, an optimized seal gland blocks abrasive particles from entering and damaging the bearing system

Proven durability

Tested against baseline bits, Xplorer Kaldera seals have proven durability in HT applications. For example, in geothermal power developments using superheated steam, temperatures can reach 277 degC [530 degF] downhole. Xplorer Kaldera seals resulted in top performance. A secondary seal protects the primary seal, guarding against abrasive particles in the wellbore fluids that contact the bearing seal. A proprietary thermoplastic fabric is positioned on the seal's dynamic face to resist wearing, tearing, and heat damage.

3% to 37%

improved on-bottom drilling time


increased run length