Diamond-Enhanced Insert Reamer | SLB

Diamond-Enhanced Insert Reamer

Dual-spiral, tapered design with synthetic DEIs

Blue rock texture.

The diamond-enhanced insert (DEI) reamer delivers effective hole reaming across a broad range of applications. Its advanced integral body design incorporates tough, state-of-the-art synthetic DEIs that shear the hole wall, providing a quality, full-gauge wellbore in soft to medium-hard formations. 

Flexible design

Each insert is securely brazed into the tool body, so there are no moving parts to wear or fail. Consequently, the tool is not affected by hot hole conditions. It can be placed at any point in the BHA. The tapered body profile enables reaming both downward and upward.

Improved circulation rates

The dual spiral and tapered design facilitates high circulation rates and the efficient transport of cuttings past the tool. The larger circulation area can be an advantage when annular restriction is a concern.

Illustration of a diamond-enhanced reamer.