Quad-D Dual-Diameter Drift and Drill Reamer | SLB

Quad-D Reamer

Dual-diameter drift and drill reamer

Blue rock texture.

Maximize performance in rotary applications

Designed to enhance rotary drilling performance, Quad-D dual-diameter drift and drill reamers can be run with various BHA configurations on rotary steerable systems (RSSs).

Optimize borehole quality while drilling

The Quad-D reamer is positioned in the drillstring at a distance from the pilot bit determined by the application. The pilot conditioning section ensures centralization and stabilization, optimizing hole quality while drilling. The reamer provides directional and BHA flexibility for precise control of the wellbore, diameter control for a full-gauge hole, and formation-specific design for peak drilling efficiency.

Make just one trip with drillout capability

The Quad-D reamer’s ability to drill out cement prior to underreaming means that two separate trips in the hole can be replaced with one.

Illustration of the Quad-D dual-diameter drift and drill reamer.