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Multicycle hydraulic underreamer

Rhino integrated borehole enlargement system

Rhino multicycle hydraulic underreamer.

Complete control, unlimited activation cycles

The Rhino™ multicycle hydraulic underreamer is part of the rugged, precision-engineered Rhino integrated borehole enlargement system—a family of hydraulically actuated reamers that save rig time and bring production online faster by underreaming and drilling in a single run.

The Rhino multicycle hydraulic underreamer features an indexing system with a protective oil-filled chamber and functional design redundancy. The underreamer provides complete control of activation, eliminating pumpdown device activation. This eliminates placement of the Rhino multicycle hydraulic reamer below ID-restricted BHA components, such as MWD and LWD tools. Additionally, the reamer’s flow actuation changes the reaming mode in minutes, reducing reamer activation time and enabling an unlimited number of activation cycles during a run.

  • Hole enlargement while drilling
  • Mud systems with high solids content
  • Lost circulation material (LCM) as background treatments
  • Rathole elimination
  • Deep water
  • Extended-reach wells
  • Highly abrasive environments
  • Swelling formations
  • Hydraulically activated multicycle cam mechanism in an oil-sealed chamber
  • Single-piece body for higher tensile- and torque-load capacity
  • Compatibility with rotary or rotary steerable BHA components
  • Innovative rotating cam stop to provide movement redundancy and reduce rotating seals
  • Optional locking mechanism for shoe-track drillout applications
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