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Array resistivity compensated service

Closeup of an arcVISION azimuthal density neutron service tool, ready to be run downhole

Resistivity, gamma ray, and annular pressure measurements

The arcVISION array resistivity compensated service is available in a full tool size range from 3 1/8 to 9 in. This compensated resistivity service provides real-time resistivity, gamma ray, and annular pressure-while-drilling measurements (APWD) that help produce and evaluate reservoirs. The tools can withstand a high sand content and high mud flow rates which ensure maximum power transfer.

Precise well trajectory control

Annular pressure, near-bit, and multiple depth resistivity measurements are transmitted to the surface simultaneously in real time to maintain accurate trajectory control. Multiple depths of investigation enable you to monitor invasion and other borehole changes over time. Measurements are compensated to remove rugosity effects and electronics drift.

A Schlumberger technician attaching a cover to a sensor on an arcVISION array resistivity compensated service tool